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How mediation can facilitate a more peaceful divorce process

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2024 | Mediation |

The decision to end a marriage is not one that individuals typically make lightly. Christians, for example, often take the institution of marriage seriously and may view divorce as a tragedy, rather than a reason to celebrate. Yet, there are undoubtedly scenarios in which divorce is necessary. There are also cases in which a devout individual may have no choice in the matter because their spouse insists on filing.

Those preparing for divorce often want to approach the process in the most compassionate and ethical manner possible. Sadly, even those with good intentions may succumb to the intense emotions often provoked by divorce proceedings. Mediation can be a useful tool for those hoping to divorce with dignity and minimal conflict.

How mediation helps during a difficult divorce

Traditional divorce is a litigated process that pits spouses against each other as adversaries. They have to view each other as opponents and may begin to act accordingly as the process unfolds. Spouses fighting each other during divorce may act in uncharacteristic manners and may later come to regret their conduct.

During a mediated divorce, couples have to work cooperatively to resolve matters related to property division, financial support and any children that they share. The goal of mediation is to work out a compromise that everyone agrees is reasonable. The spouses then sign a binding agreement outlining exactly what terms they have set for the divorce.

Mediation helps facilitate more peaceful conflict resolution by focusing on working cooperatively instead of fighting. It gives spouses an opportunity to explore the necessary issues from their marriage in a confidential setting and to put their values first instead of the personal preferences of the judge presiding over their case.

The benefits of mediation don’t end there. Spouses also have the final say in what happens with their property, which is very empowering. They also have an opportunity to work with one another and lay the groundwork for a healthier future relationship. The ability to communicate with one another and interact politely in public may be particularly important for those who belong to the same church and those who share children with one another.

Divorce mediation can be a useful tool for someone hoping to pursue a low-conflict California divorce. Seeking legal guidance can be a good way to learn more.