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A Strong Ally For High-Conflict Custody Disputes

Although divorcing parents are expected to work together to resolve child custody and visitation issues, it is sometimes not possible or practicable to do so. If you anticipate a high degree of conflict on children’s issues in your divorce case, The Law Firm of J. Hector Moreno, Jr. & Associates in San Jose is here to offer experienced advice and advocacy.

In certain situations, it will be entirely reasonable for a divorcing parent to resist a proposal for shared legal and physical custody, unsupervised visitation, or relocation of the child to a distant city or another state. In his 30-year legal career, California divorce lawyer J. Hector Moreno, Jr. has handled cases involving child abductions, child sexual abuse and family violence. His experience with Santa Clara County family court procedures in contested child custody cases can help you find ways to condition the other parent’s access to your children on terms that will protect your children and your own peace of mind.

Our law firm also understands that allegations of domestic violence, drug abuse or child neglect are sometimes raised irresponsibly in child custody or visitation disputes. The existence of a domestic violence restraining order at the time of a divorce or in the recent past can have a disastrous effect on a noncustodial parent’s right to visitation without supervision or other conditions.

Talk With A Lawyer Who Can Protect Your Parental Rights

No matter what side of a high-conflict child custody situation you happen to be on, we understand what’s at stake for you and your children, and we have the experience and insight necessary to guide you through a difficult legal and personal challenge. Contact our office in San Jose to learn more about our ability to help you and your family. You can reach our law offices by telephone at 408-647-8015 or online by filling out a brief contact form.