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Arriving at a child support arrangement in California can prove immensely difficult. At The Law Firm of J. Hector Moreno, Jr. & Associates, we have more than 20 years in practice advocating for fair child support agreements for clients throughout the San Jose area. We understand how important it is for you and your children to arrive at an outcome that prioritizes your best interests. We will do everything in our power to achieve it.

What Will My Child Support Arrangement Look Like?

Family law courts use the California Child Support Guidelines as a starting point for determining a child support arrangement. However, the guideline is just that – a guideline. Judges will examine numerous factors that affect your children’s lives, including:

  1. How many children are involved
  2. Each parent’s income
  3. The financial needs of each child
  4. The family’s custody and visitation schedule
  5. The cost of education, day care, health insurance and other expenses

The courts in Santa Clara County tend to adhere to the guideline fairly strictly, with some deviations. To get an accurate idea of how much you can expect to pay in child support, you should speak with one of our experienced divorce attorneys. If your circumstances have changed significantly, we can discuss modifying an existing support order.

Establish Paternity To Uphold Your Parental Rights

The state automatically considers a baby’s mother their biological parent. Fathers, however, are a different matter. For a mother or father to enforce their rights regarding child support or parenting time, they must first establish paternity. If you are an unmarried parent, our lawyers can help you file a paternity suit. We can help you understand your rights and responsibilities regarding your child so you can fulfill them.

Learn More About Your Rights In A Consultation

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