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Why you should still seek legal help during a mediation

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2022 | Mediation |

Legal disputes can be challenging and stressful. While resolving an issue through mediation can alleviate some of the financial and emotional burdens, it is still essential to have the right support as you go through the process.

Resolving a divorce through mediation can seem like an option where you do not need the expense of an attorney. However, going through mediation alone can leave you vulnerable.

Here’s how an experienced professional can help you with your mediation.

Someone on your side

As you face your divorce, you, like many, may simply want the situation to be over. In these situations, you may dismiss your own needs so that you can reach a resolution faster. Often, the thought is, “If I agree, it will be over sooner.”

While you may get to a faster resolution, you will not, necessarily, reach one that supports your future interests. When you have an experienced advocate, they can help you prioritize what to negotiate and when. Your legal counsel can also advise you on legal terms and ensure that your agreements are enforceable.

Experienced guidance

It seems that no matter how much the legal world attempts to put contracts and other agreements in plain English, there are still challenging details to understand. A legal professional can advise you on the Family Code, and other applicable laws, and guide you through the mediation process helping you strategize and prioritize your needs.